Project Dining Table

Project Dining Table

Start of the project at Friday February 17th 2017

The last five years I bought some old farmhouse chairs for my Dining room. Some of this chairs were over painted and broken. I did the restore self. During this period I was looking for a old dining table but I couldn’t found one.

Now I would like to build it self.

Last year was torn down a old farmhouse at our county and I could ask the owner to buy her old doors and door casing. That casing is three inches thick and eight inches wide. The farmer means that doors are more than 100 years old.

From that casing I would like to build the table.

Old Farmhouse door   img_2933_kl   img_2934_kl

Pictures shows the doors after build out.

You should have a plan what do you want to do!


# One: Cleaning 2017-02-17

First step what I did was to select the right parts to build the tabletop. Four long side parts are basically right. Now I pulled all nails out and scratched the rest of the concrete down. Normal I would like use a grinder to grind of the old paint but actually I used an e-planer, get faster and the surface is more uniform. (Attention, old paint breaks the blade very fast, I took a older blade to remove the old paint then a new blade to get a nice surface)



# Two: Glue boards 2017-02-18

At the next step I glued the boards, so that I can get a large Board that the final broad has.


# Three: Set a board across

At these step I cut the large board and made a tongue on the small sides. Now I took boards for the small sides and made a groove at those. Then, with glue coated, I connected the boards together.




# Four: Finishing surface

For that table I would like to have a used style. So I rounded the corners by hand with a planer and a grater. They made the corners as a long time used by people. Last work before varnishing is sanding.


For a comfortable surface, easy to clean in the Dining Room, I took clear matt.




At the last three pictures you can see the first layer clear matt really fresh and wet.

# Five: Build table legs

The next step was, I made the table legs. I took four beams, for boards, some treenail and glue. With a Japanese saw and a chisel made I holes into the beams.




Now I put the boards into the beams and fix it with treenail.



First view at the complete table.


# Six: Finishing table legs

I like vintage style also I would like the legs get ageing. I use chalk paint and made a first layer with dark grey, I paint only the corners. Then I mixed a color like turquoise with white and grey and made the second layer complete.



Now I sanded the corners and maybe a little bit all siede of the legs so get a used look.


The latest layer is a special finishing called crazed varnish. These varnish made a amazing old used look.



Last but not least, the last layer is antic wax.

# Seven: Dining Table is READY!

I was a great work to build our own table – you can see the result.




# Seven and a half: Fix a little problem

At the first Lunch at these amazing table we notice a problem. The high down the table is not optimal. The Cross Board must be narrower to be more space for our feet to have.

Last pics from the table – now is very good looking and functionally.



Project closed – 2017-03-11





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