Anker PowerPort Solar Panel

Anker PowerPort Solar Panel

Saturday at May 2016.

On Saturday in May we started a mountain hike at the Bavarian Alps. I would like to use at first time a App to track this hike. First question was, how long works my cellphone battery if I use a App over the day every time displayed. OK, I found a good App for my Microsoft Lumia 650 with Windows 10 mobile and I use to charge my battery the Anker PowerPort 21W 2-Port Solar Panel.

We started at 8am and my Lumia shows 95% battery charge. The first part of the way was cloudy and led through a forest. The charging indicator change often from load to not load. At these time get my battery down to 76%. After an hour, the sun comes back and we walked out of the forest. My battery is now permanently loading and stay by 73%. The further way led steeply upwards on north side of the mountain between sun and shadow and my battery goes up and down 70 to 75%. Forty minutes before lunch break we arrived the plateau and the weather was sunny. My battery is smiling and refuels energy. At lunch I stay my rucksack with the Solar panel nearby me in the sun. Three-quarter hour later is my battery full loaded and I can extra play games with my cellphone. The route at afternoon back to the start point was shining the sun always and my battery had all the time 100% energy.

2016_Reiter-Alm_004 - kl   2016_Reiter-Alm_007 - kl

Saturday at May 2016.

On Sunday we made a bike ride around my home 60 miles. I took also my cellphone to track the way and I took my Solar panel to load my cellphone. It works on my bike as the same as by the mountain hike.

The Anker PowerPort 21W 2-Port Solar Panel is one of the best devices that I ever bought. For your outdoor activities it is a very good recommendation, you had in combination with an Anker Power Bank every time energy for your smartest devices.


Have fun with your electronic devices.


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  1. Love the post, Harry! Quick question, do you mind if send you some corrections on your writing? I’d like to help with your English writing improvements?

    Take care, Maia

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