Month: March 2016

Six ideas to get stylish furniture by yourself.

1st Make storage in your house or rent a storage.
Would you like to build furniture or make decor for a room from old junk? You must collect many things from flew markets, things that your friends give to bulky refuse, awesome and bad things, new and old things and more. In short, all kinds of things can be look good to build furniture.

Front_Danger-Fuel-Storage-     Caution_Eye_Protection_Hard_Hats   Outdoor_Blank_Border_1824




2nd Have a Workshop.
You absolutely need a workshop. You can use a room in your basement or you can organize your garage as a workshop. Also you can rent a workshop or garage, but that is often too far away or too expensive. A room that you can use all the time and leave half-finished pieces is a “must have” thing.

Warning-Garage-Sign  IMG_2880_kl  Werkstatt_2016-03-05_03_kl






3rd   Buy good tools.
The way to the neighborhood hardware store must be branded into your brain! Whenever you have a good idea and not the right tools, you have to go to the hardware store. Warning: TOOLS YOU HAVE TO BUY YOURSELF!”  Nobody, except you, can buy the right tools. By the way, a lot of the tiny materials, like screws, nails, glue and more should be present in adequate quantity.

Right Tools Right Now   logokress



4th Get ideas!
Read magazines every day! By your doctor, at your work, in the subway and at home, whenever you have a moment – READ! A good way to see something is by surfing the internet; here can you find “How to” (or DYI – “Do it yourself”) for better understanding. The most important thing is to talk with your friends about your ideas and get more suggestions and tips.
One of the best sites for good ideas is Pinterest, see my site on Pinterest -> logo_pinterest_0 Pinterest Harry

5th Train your skills
Before you start a big project, you should practice using your tools. “I’m sure after that training, you have finished your first decor that you can use in your home.”

Working with chainsaw








6th Start your first project
you have collected a lot of a useful things and you know what you would like to build, then you can start. Work safety and not too fast – a cut in your finger stops the project for a long time. Thinking before doing is very good advice. Have fun with your work and take a break if the handling of your tools doesn’t run well.

 4x5 Work Smart Stacked Caps copy


Now you can see some of my projects ­- I hope you like it.


IMG_2868_kl   Treibholzschiffe_02_kl

Waschbecken_Fußblende_Treibholz_2012_10-19_Bad_003_kl Tisch_aus_Türe_Obirei_2012_10-18_004_kl

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