What has English learning to do with tinker?

Right material

Now, if it´s a rainy Sunday in a cold season and you have a workshop with a good heater than is that not a bad Sunday. Also a must have is a storage with some old things to upcycle, recycle or others. But to get such a storage is another story. Ups I forget English…. OK a PC and Internet helps also. A good breakfast with fresh rolls from the bakery around the corner is the best starter on Sunday. After breakfast, I surf the Internet to search an idea what can I do with the junk in my storage. Oh English… To improve my English reading, I search only over English Websites. Some good Sites are from Reclaim Everything, Choppa White, Insulator Lights,

Sawing the board

Viral Upcycle or the site from the Artist Jan Dickers. Some sites bring a manual to build or a short description called “How to do”. One of my favorite material to work with is driftwood. I live nearby a river the arise from the alps. In spring, if the snow is melting, has this river often over floating and you can find a lot of different

To assamble

driftwood. Also a wonderful material is old glass. I’m totally addicted to that fantastic colors. So, if I find a good idea then comes the next step English, I write the description on a sheet of paper and tell this my wife. Now starts the most difficult part, I go to my storage and look for the right material that I would like to take for my project. A plan and the right material ready laid, I start my heater and my Internet radio. All time when

Selfie with the mirror

I work I listened a channel from US or Great Britain. English listening in radio helps to understand a fast speaker. Since five years ago, I bought a lot of tools for working so that I can better work. I need this day a buzz saw, a jigsaw, an electric drill and some hand tools. I am very proud to own it old hand planer. With those planers you can finish wooden surface to get a very rustic look.  After lunch and a lot of English news later get my project ready. On this Sunday I build a mirror and a fish board for my little

Decorated room

restroom and I could improve my English. Whether rain or sun, you can do your work well done.



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