Life is change!

Last week our son is moved in his own apartment. Wednesday noon he took over the keys from the landlord and started setting the apartment. Few weeks ago he bought many things for the apartment. The first that he brought into the apartment was a coffee maker, cups, and muffins – important things for life. After the first cup of coffee he brought a mattress, pillow and a blanket – second important things to live in his apartment. It was very exciting for him to sleep the first night in his apartment. On Thursday we carry some things from our home and a new kitchen from IKEA. I can say, it’s a long way to the third floor without an elevator. Early morning on Friday we started to build the kitchen. First we assembled the base cabinets and then we connected the water supply. After them we could mount the Kitchen worktop and sawn two holes with a jigsaw to set in a sink and a cooktop. At the end of the first work day we found a big error in our plan, the three base cabinets have the dimensions 40-60-40 centimeters but the two wall cupboards have 60-80. The construction site is stopped – next week we must go to IKEA to change a cupboard 80 in two cupboards 40 centimeters. More after the next workday…….

construction-sign.1png        Lead-Work-Area-Warning-Sign


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