Cycling in the early morning.

One thing what I every day do is, to ride my bike in the morning. On work days I drive to work with my bike and by good weather, I turn a round of 20 kilometers after work. I start in the morning at 5:00 am and I arrive my work at 5:40 am. The first important thing at my work is to start the coffeemaker. A cup of coffee and reading the news, emails and so is my morning relaxing before I start the work. On weekends I get up also early and I go by bike to the bakery. On the way along a very nice river I can hear birds, see deers and often we have a wonderful sun rising. The best start in a day is to ride a bike and after biking a wonderful breakfast with fresh German whole grain rolls. Get a better life by healthy food and everyday sports activity.

IMG_2824_A_kl       IMG_2837A_kl
Wonderful light by sun rise                                    Sun rise after my house


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