Learn and use Sway

Today I started to learn a new Program from Microsoft – Sway. Sway it`s a online presentation program like PowerPoint, but shorter and faster. First you can download and install the  Sway App on your PC from the Microsoft store. By the first start, Sway brings some examples and learning programs. After two hours later I my first Sway is ready. Sway works in the background similar to OneNote, I mean, you don´t can save a Sway´s, Sway`s saves automatically. You start with choose a layout. New and different to PowerPoint is the the storyline and the cards for contend. If you understand the system for Sway then you can create a presentation very fast. Insert Pictures and movies are also possible, from all sources you want. If you get ready then you can publish the way. One possible is to publish your Sway for all persons around the world Another possible is you publish your Sway by Facebook or Twitter.

Have fun with your first Sway.

Microsoft Sway





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