Project Dining Table

Project Dining Table

Start of the project at Friday February 17th 2017

The last five years I bought some old farmhouse chairs for my Dining room. Some of this chairs were over painted and broken. I did the restore self. During this period I was looking for a old dining table but I couldn’t found one.

Now I would like to build it self.

Last year was torn down a old farmhouse at our county and I could ask the owner to buy her old doors and door casing. That casing is three inches thick and eight inches wide. The farmer means that doors are more than 100 years old.

From that casing I would like to build the table.

Old Farmhouse door   img_2933_kl   img_2934_kl

Pictures shows the doors after build out.

You should have a plan what do you want to do!


# One: Cleaning 2017-02-17

First step what I did was to select the right parts to build the tabletop. Four long side parts are basically right. Now I pulled all nails out and scratched the rest of the concrete down. Normal I would like use a grinder to grind of the old paint but actually I used an e-planer, get faster and the surface is more uniform. (Attention, old paint breaks the blade very fast, I took a older blade to remove the old paint then a new blade to get a nice surface)



# Two: Glue boards 2017-02-18

At the next step I glued the boards, so that I can get a large Board that the final broad has.


# Three: Set a board across

At these step I cut the large board and made a tongue on the small sides. Now I took boards for the small sides and made a groove at those. Then, with glue coated, I connected the boards together.




# Four: Finishing surface

For that table I would like to have a used style. So I rounded the corners by hand with a planer and a grater. They made the corners as a long time used by people. Last work before varnishing is sanding.


For a comfortable surface, easy to clean in the Dining Room, I took clear matt.




At the last three pictures you can see the first layer clear matt really fresh and wet.

# Five: Build table legs

The next step was, I made the table legs. I took four beams, for boards, some treenail and glue. With a Japanese saw and a chisel made I holes into the beams.




Now I put the boards into the beams and fix it with treenail.



First view at the complete table.


# Six: Finishing table legs

I like vintage style also I would like the legs get ageing. I use chalk paint and made a first layer with dark grey, I paint only the corners. Then I mixed a color like turquoise with white and grey and made the second layer complete.



Now I sanded the corners and maybe a little bit all siede of the legs so get a used look.


The latest layer is a special finishing called crazed varnish. These varnish made a amazing old used look.



Last but not least, the last layer is antic wax.

# Seven: Dining Table is READY!

I was a great work to build our own table – you can see the result.




# Seven and a half: Fix a little problem

At the first Lunch at these amazing table we notice a problem. The high down the table is not optimal. The Cross Board must be narrower to be more space for our feet to have.

Last pics from the table – now is very good looking and functionally.



Project closed – 2017-03-11




Anker PowerPort Solar Panel

Anker PowerPort Solar Panel

Saturday at May 2016.

On Saturday in May we started a mountain hike at the Bavarian Alps. I would like to use at first time a App to track this hike. First question was, how long works my cellphone battery if I use a App over the day every time displayed. OK, I found a good App for my Microsoft Lumia 650 with Windows 10 mobile and I use to charge my battery the Anker PowerPort 21W 2-Port Solar Panel.

We started at 8am and my Lumia shows 95% battery charge. The first part of the way was cloudy and led through a forest. The charging indicator change often from load to not load. At these time get my battery down to 76%. After an hour, the sun comes back and we walked out of the forest. My battery is now permanently loading and stay by 73%. The further way led steeply upwards on north side of the mountain between sun and shadow and my battery goes up and down 70 to 75%. Forty minutes before lunch break we arrived the plateau and the weather was sunny. My battery is smiling and refuels energy. At lunch I stay my rucksack with the Solar panel nearby me in the sun. Three-quarter hour later is my battery full loaded and I can extra play games with my cellphone. The route at afternoon back to the start point was shining the sun always and my battery had all the time 100% energy.

2016_Reiter-Alm_004 - kl   2016_Reiter-Alm_007 - kl

Saturday at May 2016.

On Sunday we made a bike ride around my home 60 miles. I took also my cellphone to track the way and I took my Solar panel to load my cellphone. It works on my bike as the same as by the mountain hike.

The Anker PowerPort 21W 2-Port Solar Panel is one of the best devices that I ever bought. For your outdoor activities it is a very good recommendation, you had in combination with an Anker Power Bank every time energy for your smartest devices.


Have fun with your electronic devices.

Six ideas to get stylish furniture by yourself.

1st Make storage in your house or rent a storage.
Would you like to build furniture or make decor for a room from old junk? You must collect many things from flew markets, things that your friends give to bulky refuse, awesome and bad things, new and old things and more. In short, all kinds of things can be look good to build furniture.

Front_Danger-Fuel-Storage-     Caution_Eye_Protection_Hard_Hats   Outdoor_Blank_Border_1824




2nd Have a Workshop.
You absolutely need a workshop. You can use a room in your basement or you can organize your garage as a workshop. Also you can rent a workshop or garage, but that is often too far away or too expensive. A room that you can use all the time and leave half-finished pieces is a “must have” thing.

Warning-Garage-Sign  IMG_2880_kl  Werkstatt_2016-03-05_03_kl






3rd   Buy good tools.
The way to the neighborhood hardware store must be branded into your brain! Whenever you have a good idea and not the right tools, you have to go to the hardware store. Warning: TOOLS YOU HAVE TO BUY YOURSELF!”  Nobody, except you, can buy the right tools. By the way, a lot of the tiny materials, like screws, nails, glue and more should be present in adequate quantity.

Right Tools Right Now   logokress



4th Get ideas!
Read magazines every day! By your doctor, at your work, in the subway and at home, whenever you have a moment – READ! A good way to see something is by surfing the internet; here can you find “How to” (or DYI – “Do it yourself”) for better understanding. The most important thing is to talk with your friends about your ideas and get more suggestions and tips.
One of the best sites for good ideas is Pinterest, see my site on Pinterest -> logo_pinterest_0 Pinterest Harry

5th Train your skills
Before you start a big project, you should practice using your tools. “I’m sure after that training, you have finished your first decor that you can use in your home.”

Working with chainsaw








6th Start your first project
you have collected a lot of a useful things and you know what you would like to build, then you can start. Work safety and not too fast – a cut in your finger stops the project for a long time. Thinking before doing is very good advice. Have fun with your work and take a break if the handling of your tools doesn’t run well.

 4x5 Work Smart Stacked Caps copy


Now you can see some of my projects ­- I hope you like it.


IMG_2868_kl   Treibholzschiffe_02_kl

Waschbecken_Fußblende_Treibholz_2012_10-19_Bad_003_kl Tisch_aus_Türe_Obirei_2012_10-18_004_kl

Created with Nokia Smart Cam


What has English learning to do with tinker?

Right material

Now, if it´s a rainy Sunday in a cold season and you have a workshop with a good heater than is that not a bad Sunday. Also a must have is a storage with some old things to upcycle, recycle or others. But to get such a storage is another story. Ups I forget English…. OK a PC and Internet helps also. A good breakfast with fresh rolls from the bakery around the corner is the best starter on Sunday. After breakfast, I surf the Internet to search an idea what can I do with the junk in my storage. Oh English… To improve my English reading, I search only over English Websites. Some good Sites are from Reclaim Everything, Choppa White, Insulator Lights,

Sawing the board

Viral Upcycle or the site from the Artist Jan Dickers. Some sites bring a manual to build or a short description called “How to do”. One of my favorite material to work with is driftwood. I live nearby a river the arise from the alps. In spring, if the snow is melting, has this river often over floating and you can find a lot of different

To assamble

driftwood. Also a wonderful material is old glass. I’m totally addicted to that fantastic colors. So, if I find a good idea then comes the next step English, I write the description on a sheet of paper and tell this my wife. Now starts the most difficult part, I go to my storage and look for the right material that I would like to take for my project. A plan and the right material ready laid, I start my heater and my Internet radio. All time when

Selfie with the mirror

I work I listened a channel from US or Great Britain. English listening in radio helps to understand a fast speaker. Since five years ago, I bought a lot of tools for working so that I can better work. I need this day a buzz saw, a jigsaw, an electric drill and some hand tools. I am very proud to own it old hand planer. With those planers you can finish wooden surface to get a very rustic look.  After lunch and a lot of English news later get my project ready. On this Sunday I build a mirror and a fish board for my little

Decorated room

restroom and I could improve my English. Whether rain or sun, you can do your work well done.


Life is change!

Last week our son is moved in his own apartment. Wednesday noon he took over the keys from the landlord and started setting the apartment. Few weeks ago he bought many things for the apartment. The first that he brought into the apartment was a coffee maker, cups, and muffins – important things for life. After the first cup of coffee he brought a mattress, pillow and a blanket – second important things to live in his apartment. It was very exciting for him to sleep the first night in his apartment. On Thursday we carry some things from our home and a new kitchen from IKEA. I can say, it’s a long way to the third floor without an elevator. Early morning on Friday we started to build the kitchen. First we assembled the base cabinets and then we connected the water supply. After them we could mount the Kitchen worktop and sawn two holes with a jigsaw to set in a sink and a cooktop. At the end of the first work day we found a big error in our plan, the three base cabinets have the dimensions 40-60-40 centimeters but the two wall cupboards have 60-80. The construction site is stopped – next week we must go to IKEA to change a cupboard 80 in two cupboards 40 centimeters. More after the next workday…….

construction-sign.1png        Lead-Work-Area-Warning-Sign

Cycling in the early morning.

One thing what I every day do is, to ride my bike in the morning. On work days I drive to work with my bike and by good weather, I turn a round of 20 kilometers after work. I start in the morning at 5:00 am and I arrive my work at 5:40 am. The first important thing at my work is to start the coffeemaker. A cup of coffee and reading the news, emails and so is my morning relaxing before I start the work. On weekends I get up also early and I go by bike to the bakery. On the way along a very nice river I can hear birds, see deers and often we have a wonderful sun rising. The best start in a day is to ride a bike and after biking a wonderful breakfast with fresh German whole grain rolls. Get a better life by healthy food and everyday sports activity.

IMG_2824_A_kl       IMG_2837A_kl
Wonderful light by sun rise                                    Sun rise after my house

Learn and use Sway

Today I started to learn a new Program from Microsoft – Sway. Sway it`s a online presentation program like PowerPoint, but shorter and faster. First you can download and install the  Sway App on your PC from the Microsoft store. By the first start, Sway brings some examples and learning programs. After two hours later I my first Sway is ready. Sway works in the background similar to OneNote, I mean, you don´t can save a Sway´s, Sway`s saves automatically. You start with choose a layout. New and different to PowerPoint is the the storyline and the cards for contend. If you understand the system for Sway then you can create a presentation very fast. Insert Pictures and movies are also possible, from all sources you want. If you get ready then you can publish the way. One possible is to publish your Sway for all persons around the world Another possible is you publish your Sway by Facebook or Twitter.

Have fun with your first Sway.

Microsoft Sway




Start my Blog

Today I have decided to start my first Blog. I`m Harry, near fifty years old, married and I live in the wonderful Bavarian Country.  I learn since two years English by EF Live and now I would like testing my English knowledge in a Blog. I hope some friends all over the world read these writings and help me to exercise my English.

First I start with a short joke:
I don’t need a life assurance, I would like all people cry when I die.

dohle_im flug_kl
Jackdaw – Bavarian Alps